100% with blue agda

Tequila 8 Mesas is a product made 100% from blue agave. Top quality for those who appreciate elegance and details.Mexico.- Tequila 8 tables was born with the intention of saving the tradition of tequila in Tamaulipas. Its founder found an excellent agave growing alone in the area of ​​the Denomination of Origin tequila within the country. From there, his interest in the production of Tequila 8 Mesas arose, which seeks to innovate the tradition of tequila production using the natural resources of these countries that offer blue agave of the highest quality. Tequila 8 Mesas stands out with its elegant, recognizable and stylized bottle without ceasing to think that tequila is the most important thing.

Tequilera 8 Mesas was created in 2010 in Tamaulipas where it receives the designation of origin because it is located in the 8 Mesas Valley where it is planted. agave weber blue Agave that is found in this area grows naturally, reaches a large size and retains all the properties that make it possible to make excellent tequila. Tequila 8 Mesas maintains strict quality control to use only the best agave. Tequilera 8 Mesas creates about 500 jobs that will be distributed between the fields and the distillery. Tequila production will be intended for national and international consumption. It is planned to export about 80 percent of the production.

“Tequila 8 Mesas aims to change the way we are used to drinking it. It is a sophisticated drink for everyone who enjoys it day after day, for those who appreciate the unforgettable moments of life in the company of family or friends to enrich their life with unique and unforgettable experiences,” commented Don Enrique Rello, president of Tequilera. 8 months. “8 Mesas Tequila is a 100% blue agave tequila, produced in Tamaulipas. It is presented in a unique and stylized bottle,” he concluded.

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