13 questions and answers about the psychology of the “modern foodie” – Armida Ascano

When we ask why people want to show their culinary experiences on social networks, we have to include Instagram because it is the first dominantly visual virtual site. Others are more dedicated to spreading opinions and maintaining active relationships among friends, while it is traditional for Instagram to show beautiful photos of food. It is also true that it has gone from uploading mere pictures to spreading food videos.
Tik Tok’s food community is interesting because it’s different from YouTube. You Tube is dedicated to uploading images so that you can learn to cook, incorporate new culinary skills, even if the instructions are not followed exactly. Very specific items, very specific tricks are spread on Tik Tok.
Demographic differences between both platforms were also revealed. On YouTube, the content is mostly aimed at the millennial generation – especially those over 25 – while Tik Tok is aimed at the younger generation. In any case, the importance of both platforms is growing when it comes to “foodies”.

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