1SKIN: innovative recycled PET bottle

Spain.- Bottle 1SKIN It has a capacity of one liter and is intended for the market of juices, teas and drinks with delicate flavors, a sector that is on the rise.

  • The new 1SKIN concept stands out, both for its sustainability and for its modern design.

Made from 100% readily available recycled PET (r-PET), the bottle is designed for ensure easy recycling.

This bottle is unlabeled and comes with tapa tied can immediately enter the recycling stream. Without the need to separate additional raw materials such as:

  • Ink
  • Glue
  • Hang the tags
  • Cover

Customers who choose 1SKIN will anticipate major global regulations and market trends approx sustainable packaging.

  • The bottle has attracted the interest of global buyers who want to increase the sustainability of their packaging.

Many top brands are adopting higher sustainability standards, driven by consumer influence and expanding laws to promote recycling.

“We’re showing that it’s possible to combine great design with strict sustainability requirements in an affordable, high-end bottle,” he says. Vincent Le Guen, Vice President of Packaging at Sidel.

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The bottle has an attractive appearance

The bottle, with an ergonomic handle for greater comfort when serving, is designed to offer an attractive consumption experience.

Thanks to the wide mouth and the lid that locks, when open, it keeps the tip of the container away from the consumer’s face.

Its sticker-free surface allows multiple uses of different fonts and textures. And its transparency provides many possibilities for creating a natural play of light and shadow.

High-precision graphic elements are made using advanced mold technologies, combined with extensive experience in blowing things.

Additionally, it is possible to print a QR or barcode in the bottle cap. This serves to provide information to consumers or enable the sale of individual units.

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