4 interesting facts about whiskey

It doesn’t have to be whiskey day to talk about it, one of the most exciting spirits, which the more you discover, the more surprising, which is why Glenfiddich offers four secrets and curiosities about whiskey.

Difference between whiskey and whiskey?

The word “whiskey” is generally used to refer to distilled malt liquors produced in Scotland, Canada and Japanwhile the term “whiskey” is used to describe a distilled grain or malt liquor produced in Ireland and the United States.

In addition to geographical differences, there are also variations in distillation methods and used cerealswhich contributes to the unique nuances in the taste and profile of each of them.

What is blending in whiskies?

Many of the most famous whiskeys are not the result of a single distillate, but of careful mixing of different casks, mixing is a mixture of these, which is done by master blenders who combine types and liquids of whiskey to achieve exceptional and complex flavor profiles.

For example, in the case of Glenfiddich, whiskey is distilled with skillunderstanding the importance of the art of blending to achieve a wide range of exceptional and balanced flavors.

Between The notes they include range from fruity like fresh pear or baked apple, as well as caramel, cinnamon, ginger and even marzipan.

The whiskey aging ritual

As with wine, where the barley used to make whiskey is grown can affect its taste, whiskey drinks different geographical regions They often have distinctive flavor profiles due to differences in climate and soil.

However, the aging of whiskey or the time it spends in a barrel gives it its final character, a prolonged aging It is not always synonymous with better quality, the detail is finding the perfect balance between time and the influence of wood.

Why are whiskeys numbered?

This practice originated in old Scottish distilleries to indicate the age of the whisky.

The numbers on the label reflected the time this drink spent in the barrels, although this practice has evolved, the numbers are still a seal of authenticity and quality in the whiskey industry.

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