5 keys to the growth of the aluminum industry

In recent years, the aluminum industry has grown between 10 and 12%. Recycling is an important source of supply in Mexico.

Within the VIII National Congress of Ecology and Sustainability organized by CANAFEM (National Chamber of Manufacturers of Metal Containers), Roberto Xavier Margáin Santos, General Director of ARZYZ, spoke about opportunities and challenges aluminum industry in Mexico and how this material is increasingly used in different industries from a sustainable perspective.

Currently, almost a million tons aluminum per year in Mexico, 12% more than last year, which means a business opportunity if you take advantage of aluminum as a 100% recyclable material with unlimited reuse capacity.

In order for the industry in the country to have sustainable growth, the following points must be considered:

1) Production equals recycling: Metal waste is a very important source of supply for the aluminum industry in our country, since the primary production of this metal requires bauxite as the main ingredient, a stone that does not exist in the domestic area. Primary aluminum is not produced in Mexico.
2) Export of waste reduces production: Currently, in Mexico, 58% of aluminum waste is recycled, and the remaining 42% is exported to other countries, returning as products or aluminum for reuse, which results in a decrease in the growth of the industry as it reduces the availability of waste for processing in the country and increases prices.
3) Cost parity: The demand for recycled metal is very high both in the country and abroad, and this is reflected in the closeness of prices between primary and recycled aluminum.
4) Increase your aluminum supply: There are no aluminum collectors with national coverage in the country. There are more than 20 regional or multi-regional organizations, but much still needs to be done to collect a larger amount of aluminum waste, simplifying the collection chain.
5) Environmental awareness programs: In Mexico, approximately 20 million aluminum cans are thrown away every day, which equates to 180 cans per person per year. If each of these people recycled just 10 aluminum cans a year, they would save almost 300 million pesos in raw materials.

Aluminum recycling brings multiple economic and environmental benefits to the country, such as creating new jobs, saving 95% of energy consumption, atmospheric pollutants and water consumption, as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions during the production of recycled metal and avoiding the process from the original state.

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