8 Vegetable juice new packaging

Now in a PET presentation, it is a drink made from the juice of tomatoes, carrots, beets, parsley, spinach, lettuce, watercress and celery.Mexico.- Herdez®, the most trusted brand on the market, included in the portfolio Juice of 8 Vegetables comes in PET packaging of 950 ml, a bottle for sharing and enjoying with family or friends, in a more practical way.

This new container is lighter, more comfortable and allows you to see the product, always ensuring the freshness of the ingredients from which Herdez® 8 vegetable juice is made. In addition, for those who use the juice as a supplement to their physical activity, with the new bottle it will be easier to take it for running, walking, cycling, swimming or any other outdoor activity.

The new bottle allows resealing of the contents and safe and efficient cooling, always retaining the juice frescoand avoiding spills.

This new presentation complements the brand’s portfolio, covering every moment you want to enjoy, whether indoors or out. It is currently available in supermarkets at a great price. Look for this new way to drink delicious Herdez® 8 vegetable juice and make your healthy lifestyle even more enjoyable, convenient and reliable.

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