A bottle inspired by a daring design

Mexico.- El Velo Tequila launches a new bottle that pays tribute to the Tequila volcano and stands out for being made from a unique agave, produced by the volcanic soil in the lowlands.

He was responsible for the design of this bottle Watermark design who took the rugged terrain into account to develop a logo that stands proud. Combining it with fountains that looked authentic and solemn and illustrated the volcano to bring the viewer to a historical location.

Details are what make stories come alive. This bottle features a hand-drawn illustration of the Tequila Volcano.

It’s a foiled emblem at the top of each label and engraved seal. At the top of the band, it reinforces the brand with a central monogram. Surrounded by descriptive text that reminds the viewer of the meaning of the name.

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New label images for El Velo tell the story of the region’s volcanic-rich soil.

Major trends in bottles and labels

Technological improvements are opening the door to more and more people applications for bottles. In which more and more brands are looking for their labels to tell a story to the consumer.

  • This is to make your product stand out in an increasingly saturated market, the report said. The future of packaging. Long-term strategic forecasts by 2030 de Smithers.

Market growth is estimated digital printing Globally, it is estimated at 10.9% annually until 2024. And at the same rate thereafter, according to the same report.

Furthermore, the size of the global digital printing market will reach $27.1 billion in 2022, according to IMARC Group.

  • Finally, production schemes were used for the bottles of this tequila. light and dark colors contrast marks and closure to show the differences in the two expressions. From the lightest Blanc to the darkest barrel-aged Reposado.

In every detail, from the packaging to the tasting of the cocktail, the incredible story of Tequila Valley is told, lived and marked by this tequila.

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