A company from the food sector receives world-class certification

Danone México received the B certificate derived from a detailed evaluation process that evaluates companies with the best results in aspects such as social and environmental performance.

“The inclusion of the company in the B certification is synonymous with the obligation the company has to promote the current business model to a more sustainable one., inclusive and just, concerned about the challenges presented by today’s world”stands out Silvia Dávila, President of Danone LATAM and General Manager of Danone México.


Some of the aspects taken into account in this certification are highlighted:

  • The company’s work to slow down the spread of climate change
  • Encourage circularity, carbon reduction and packaging
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste for better optimization

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The B-certified company celebrates 50 years with its double business project

Danone is positioned as a company in transformation of the existing business model towards a more sustainable and fair one.

Recently, the company celebrated the 50th anniversary of a speech in Marseille given by Antoine Riboud, the company’s co-founder and chairman at the time.

In which the pioneering concept of dual business purpose was introduced from the idea that economic and social goals must be interconnected. And therefore business success must always go hand in hand with social progress.

Our goal is to contribute to the transformation of the food system and leave a healthier and more sustainable future for new generations,” he explains. François Lacombe, Managing Director of Danone Spain.

This dual vision has persisted for decades and promoted progress of great importance to the company.

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