A detailed study of the microbiome would be useful for product development

Company of microbiome technology Eagle Genomics has partnered with Earlham Institute (EI), a bioscience research institution, to provide the tools needed to analyze, explore and exploit complex microbiome data.

“Our partnership with EI will enable a shift in innovation based on microbiome science. By harnessing nature, including its complex networks and linked multidimensional data, we can help solve the world’s grand challenges while unlocking significant economic potential,” explained Anthony Finbow, CEO of Eagle Genomics.

The partnership will also apply in the academic community and food industry. It will facilitate access to resources while accelerating data-driven collaboration. For its part, EI will provide expertise in genomics and bioinformatics and develop and test laboratory methods and computational biology channels for the study of microbial communities.

Microbiome and product development

The partnership will range from Joint research and development to consulting and licensing, as well as the implementation of Eagle Genomics hosting and networking capabilities. You will also provide strategic input as part of the new pipeline steering group and could, for example, include research on:

  • Classification and genomic reconstruction in complex environments.
  • Biological Signaling Network Resources for Human and Model Organisms.
  • Global patterns of resistance to antimicrobial agents found in microbes.
  • Explore the persistence and evolution of microbes associated with humans.

“Our new partnership with EI will help support that global research and development community on microbiomes while shaping the future of metagenomics, connecting the world’s leading bioinformatics pipelines, tools and datasets,” said Andrew Tingey, Senior Director of Global Licensing and IP Strategy at Eagle Genomics.

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