A gin inspired by Asia

Bombay Shappire has announced the launch of “East”, its limited edition that adds 2 exotic botanicals to its century-old recipe.Mexico.- To the already traditional association of the brand with Asia (it is named after the huge city of India for a reason), which refers to the beginnings of gin in that country during the British colonization, we are now adding a special color of its bottleinspired by sapphire (one of the four most important precious gems in the world) of which India is one of the highest quality producers.

Bombay Shappire East adds two new ones Ingredients botanicals to its original recipe: Thai lemon grass and Vietnamese black pepper, which are in addition to the traditional ones (juniper berries, iris root, almonds, lemon, grains of paradise, licorice, cassia bark, angelica root, coriander and cubeb).

Lemongrass is commonly used in infusions, soups and curries, imbued with its special sweet citrus scent; and in the case of Bombay, Shappire East gives it a very special depth.

As for Vietnamese black pepper, it is one of the most widely used spices in world cuisine, which gives this new gin a delicate yet suggestive spiciness.
Along with changing the label to a darker one, the new drink adds the word east, and also includes the characteristic logo of this edition: a combination of the Chinese symbols “sun” and “tree”, which together visually symbolize a tree with the sun at dawn in the background.

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