A Japanese chef wins the competition for the best paella in the world in Spain

Valencia (Spain), (EFE).- The duck paella with orange and leek prepared by Japanese chef Kohei Hatashita won this Wednesday at the fourth edition of the World Paella Day Cup, which is held every year in the hometown of Valencia, this famous dish of Spanish gastronomy.

Ecuadorian Cristian Raúl Arroba is in second place, while Colombian Arturo Pedregal won the third prize.

Different versions of paella

In this competition, very unusual versions of paella are cooked, inspired by the different countries of origin of the participants, with products such as Transylvanian black truffles, pastrami, coconut milk, black garlic compote or Andean potatoes. , as well as in others of local origin.

The gastronomic day began with duels between chefs from Poland and Ecuador, Italy and Colombia, India and Germany, Japan and Mexico, USA and France, and Morocco and Romania.

The goal of the World Paella Day Cup is to teach about the culture of paella, to confirm its origin from Valencia, and for the participants to become ambassadors of the gastronomy of that Spanish region, which is why every year a training itinerary is proposed that includes different contents about rice, cooking techniques and ingredients, among other things.

On this occasion, from September 16 to 19, the chefs, with the help of experts and paella masters, toured the reference areas of Valencian gastronomy.

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