A range of resealable zips presented

ELPLAST has announced that it will be exhibiting at Expo Pack México its new range of resealable zippers, which meet the high demand for flexible packaging. ELPLAST, manufacturer of closable zippers, presented its new range of zippers in Expo Pack Mexico, which will take place from June 17 to 20 in Centro Banamex. The European company is moving into the region in response to strong growth in Mexico’s resealable flexible packaging market.

EL-ZIP colored zippers are available in over 100 colors for brand owners to complement their designs packaging and provide a factor of difference in resealable packaging. The company also offers a service to match the closures to the brand’s colors.

Distinctive markings and even brand logos can also be incorporated into these resealable closures to identify the original product and protect against imitations and counterfeits.

Chad Rupert, president of Elplast in the United States, said: “We do the entire zipper process in-house, including design, mold manufacturing and extrusion, which gives us the flexibility to quickly develop unique products for customers. “Business owners with leading brands are looking for new ways to differentiate and build their brand, and our custom resealable zippers help them do just that.”

Brand and color shutters are available in many types and materials, including single, double and triple profiles. The sealer can be used in all common packaging machines, packaging processes and packaging types.

Source: www.elpastamerica.com

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