A recycling machine feeds street dogs

The devices that populate Istanbul give a portion of food to every stray animal every time a person puts down a plastic bottle.

In Istanbul, they set up a vending machine for the sale of animal food in parks and public areas that feeds homeless dogs and cats. The recycled bottles They are the ones who enable us to pay for the food.

There are more than 100,000 stray cats and dogs in the Turkish capital. And, although more than 14 million people live there, there are many animals that still do not have a home or guaranteed food.

That’s why the private company Pugedon promoted an intelligent measure that benefits both humans and four-legged friends: more plastic recycling for the former, more free food for the latter.

The Turkish company took over all the costs of the new system, without asking the government for a cent. The machines that populate Istanbul provide a portion of food for every stray dog ​​or cat every time a person drops a plastic bottle inside.

Funds obtained from the recycling and sale of these bottles are used again to purchase additional food. In this way, the environment and poor animals that have not yet found a home to live in are being helped. And of course, citizens are offered a happy lesson in environmental care and awareness.

Source: Present Diary

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