A red wine with an excellent body

Marqués del Nevado is a red variety with purple tones tending to black, intense, bright and lively.Argentina.- Bodega Goyenechea presented a novelty for the Argentine market: Marqués del Nevado, a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon variety, until now destined for export markets such as Great Britain, the United States and Canada.

This is a red wine with a full and fragrant taste. During production, 50% of the wine that makes it is aged for 14 to 18 months in French oak barrels, then it remains in the bottle for over a year in the perfect shelter of the winery’s old cellars in San Rafael, Mendoza.

It is red with purple tones tending to black, high intensity, bright and lively, recognizable by the time it stays in the bottle. They appear strongly, after shaking the glass, aromas from dried fruit, plums, walnuts, berriesmild cassis, spicy, very well combined with the aroma that was created in the barrel where coffee and vanilla smoke appear.

In the mouth, sweet tannins give it a very good structure. The fruit is noticeable, well blended with the wood and the tertiary flavors of its aging in the bottle, where dried fruits and spice are again felt, well combined with the smoke. In conclusion, it is a complex wine, ideal with all kinds of roasts and strong cheeses.

The Goyenechea winery was founded in 1868 by the brothers Santiago and Narciso Goyenechea in Villa Atuel, south of Mendoza province. Between 1930 and 1940, together with the Arizu family, they came to own the largest vineyard in the world, and their wines, produced by the third generation of the family, were already sold throughout the country under different brands. Around 1965, the fourth family generation enters and the activity is focused exclusively on bottled premium wines.

Today, the fourth and fifth generations work together with the same dedication and commitment as their ancestors, making Goyeneche a true family business linked to the wine industry, with diversified value-added production, carried out in modern facilities.

The future of the winery is seen emphasizing its variety and quality, positioning itself as a great reference in the south of Mendoza.

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