A revolution in cocktails

Drinks in capsules are a new concept that allows you to drink professional drinks anytime and anywhere.Argentina.- Smartdrink is the first system cocktail in capsules of the world, designed by Patricio, Sebastian and Tomás Folatelli. Carefully designed, the product consists of capsules containing concentrated liquid mixes of different drinks, so all you have to do is open the capsule, attach the Smartdrink shaker glass, add ice on top, water or juice and drink. is ready.

The inspiration came when Patricio saw a bartender in a Spanish bar preparing a base of drinks in several glasses before a party to speed up later work. A chain of thoughts immediately led him to connect it to the coffee capsule system and thus the embryonic idea of ​​Smartdrink was born. Seeing that it would be impractical to depend on people to buy machines to insert the capsules, as is done in the coffee machine system, the Folatelli brothers decided to develop their own factory of tools for the capsules and special cups that could be screwed into them. .

Smartdrink products follow recipes inspired by the International Association of Bartenders, original alcohols produced with our own technology using natural essential oils obtained from fruit peels. They are sold in six-piece boxes with the following flavors: A9 (vodka, peach, orange and cranberry); M5 (vodka, passion fruit, mango and orange); C6 (rum, strawberry and lemon); F8 (Fernet, cola, lemon and mint); S1 (Vodka, peach and guarana); and C1 (rum, cola, gin, lemon and cinnamon).

Smartdrink is an original alternative that simplifies the preparation of complex cocktail recipes and the availability of their ingredients in any environment, be it home, work, company or simply going out with friends. All points of sale and prices can be found on the official website: www.smartdrink.com.ar

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