A very modern cognac

Hennessy is celebrating the 200th anniversary of VSOP by paying homage to the past in collaboration with futuristic visual artist Can Buyukberber.

Mexico.- Since the founding of Hennessy, the Hennessy and Fillioux families have approached cognac differently, but always together. With what would be called Hennessy VSOP, James Hennessy and Jean Fillioux created a new style of cognac that would transform the art of this iconic drink, inspiring the future label “Very Superior Old Pale.”

Over the next two centuries, while the world was transformed by innovation, Hennessy VSOP remained true to its roots, its quality unchanged thanks to the Hennessy master blenders who passed down the secrets of this cognac from generation to generation.

For the Hennessy VSOP anniversary, Hennessy has reimagined the architectural bare-shouldered Charentaise in a limited edition bottle. The design elements were taken from the original cognac label. This homage to the past comes in a decidedly modern aluminum casket featuring words taken from King George IV. The use of copper colored trim matches the traditional stills used to distill eaux-de-vies; Its natural leather handle is reminiscent of the aprons of the “coopers”, artisans who make barrels from antique oak slats.

For the special 200th anniversary edition of the Hennessy VSOP, the house decided to collaborate with the futuristic visual artist Can Buyukberber, one of the most innovative and directional digital talents out there today.

The San Francisco-based Turkish artist’s technique, which uses projection mapping and digital fabrication, invokes many aspects of perception, blending yesterday, today and tomorrow into an original and enduring creative expression.

Buyukberber captures the forward-looking ethos of Hennessy VSOP in the band that surrounds the pitcher and blurs the lines between physical and digital space. The theme of Hennessy VSOP, “Our heritage is our future”, is crystallized in a visual campaign that represents the energy of the brand through cutting-edge technology. The sinuous, illuminated reflections of digital art implicitly emphasize the excitement of appreciating cognac with fluid expression, seamlessly connecting the house’s past with the potential for future innovation.

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