A very narcissistic lager

Casa Cervecera Libre launches Narcisista Maligno, a new craft lager drink in a 355ml glass bottle.

Mexico.- Aiming to increase its beverage portfolio, the Guanajuato craft beer company Casa Cervecera Libre presents Narcisista Maligno, a lager with 4.7 degrees of alcohol, in a 355 milliliter glass container, whose ideal pairing includes dishes such as ceviche, even salads, wings and other snacks.

Narcissist Malignant will be on sale in restaurants, bars and outlets in cities such as CDMX, Monterrey, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Ajijic, Puerto Vallarta, Querétaro, León, San Miguel de Allende, Celaya, Morelia, Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Chiapas.

Four years after the start of work, Casa Cervecera Libre has in its collection: El Sancho, El Tabernario, El Glu, Bull Doll, Black Sado and Cerdo Capitalista. Craft beer remains a small industry, reaching 1 percent of the 105 million hectoliters produced in the country, and of the estimated 400 microbrewery projects in the country, only 16 are affiliated with Cerveceros de México.

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