Actions to care for the environment are increasing

In the second edition of the study Who cares, who cares? conducted by Kantar, there is a visible increase compared to last year in the actions that people take to take care of Environment. Given that this year the impact of Covid-19 has kept people at home, allowing us to see the blue skies and fauna to freely roam the cities as we have in some.

For this reason, Mexicans adopt more environmentally friendly actions, such as:

  • 68% carry a bag when shopping
  • 64% use refillable bottles
  • 60% use products that can be recycled
  • 57% choose paper bags when they go to the supermarket
  • 50% use a thermos for hot drinks

With these actions, Mexico is changing habits to take care of Environment, it can be said that there is a greater awareness of it. And although other countries are very advanced with other types of actions, Mexicans are committed to caring for the planet.

It is worth mentioning that manufacturers play an important role, according to the respondents, in preventing further damage to the planet, so the actions they take will be well evaluated by consumers, with a focus on the consumer goods industry.

In this sense, product packaging plays an important role in consumer choice, because if it is recycled, it will be easier to buy it. According to this analysis, 54% of Mexicans believe that this solution could work in avoiding more harm Environment.

Furthermore, respondents believe that biodegradable packaging They also play an important role in consumer choice. As well as other activities such as using less water, using non-plastic packaging, to name a few.

Eco-active consumers who care about the environment

Bad eco-active consumers They always or very often look for strategies to reduce the amount of plastic waste, while the eco-minded are those who sympathize with certain actions, but do not always implement them, even though they are aware of their importance.

The pandemic is creating individuals who are more concerned about hygiene and health aspects. Air pollution and food safety are the topics that are growing the most as the biggest concerns of consumers in 2020.

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of everything related to food safety and the need to know the origin of what we eat, how food is handled at different levels of the distribution chain.

In this situation, the consumer pays more attention to the way the products are manufactured and the materials used for their packaging; You are interested in this information and it influences your purchase decision, perhaps even at the expense of other variables, such as the number of calories or the amount of sugar in the product.

Topic of packaging It is important because it is one of the most visible aspects of the product, which is easier for the consumer to value. It is necessary for the communication between brands and consumers to flow, so that the consumer knows what brands are doing in caring for the environment. Environment.

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