AdeS from chocolate and almonds

Ades launches Almond and Chocolatada beverages, two alternatives that usher in a new era of seed-based foods.

Argentina.- A little over a year after being integrated into the Coca-Cola portfolio, AdeS – seed food – sets the trend again with two new varieties: chocolate, which combines an incomparable taste with the benefits of plant food, and almonds, a proposal with a low sugar content, which paves the way for the use new alternatives to seeds with nutritious and innovative possibilities.

These launches follow the growing consumption trend of this type of seed-based drink, with great taste and nutritional value. With proteins of vegetable origin, rich in calcium, enriched with vitamins and minerals and the benefits of their origin – without cholesterol or lactose and easily digestible – these two varieties represent an ideal option for a balanced diet and a wide range of consumption occasions.

The brand also presents a new visual identity that follows this new impulse and adds these two alternatives to its already diverse portfolio: natural versions, vanilla and coconut, and fruity versions: apple, tropical fruit, pineapple, orange and peach.

With a low-sugar option and a portfolio mostly with less calories than similar products on the market, these variants also contribute to the efforts made by the company in recent years to increase its commitment to low-calorie or zero-calorie options, which today exceed 45% of its portfolio in Argentina .

“At Coca-Cola, we work with the aim of continuing to offer alternatives that follow the transformation of consumer habits. We are reducing sugar and calories in many of our brands and offering more and more new beverages that provide nutritional benefits as well as hydration. We developed smaller, more practical packages to make it easier for people to control their sugar consumption, and we provided nutritional information on the package. We have relaunched the AdeS brand under these premises, in order to give it a new innovative impulse in line with the needs and tastes of our consumers,” said José María Cagliolo, General Manager of Coca-Cola.

Plant-based products have been in greater demand and acceptance in recent years because they are easy to consume, a versatile alternative and can be part of a comprehensive diet. Such is the case with AdeS, which is enriched with calcium, an essential mineral that helps maintain the proper health of your bones and promotes optimal growth in children and adolescents. It also provides proteins and vitamins from the B, C and E complex, necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

AdeS is available in packages of 200 ml, ideal for a lunch box, 330 ml for a good breakfast outside the home or as a snack and 1 l, ideal for starting the day with the family, with coffee or as an alternative for integration with various recipes. It is lactose-free, gluten-free and easily digestible.

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