Advantages and disadvantages of multilayer cardboard packaging

Bad multilayer cardboard packaging have become the most popular in the food industry, due to the practicality and hygiene they have, however, many environmentalists are concerned about saturation this guy packaging because of how difficult it is to recycle.

It is material It is formed, as its name suggests, from several layers, which can be up to six layers, Polyethylene is mostly used to preserve the resistance and quality of the product.

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The use of polyethylene in multilayer packaging

Polyethylene is one of the favorite materials of manufacturers, because isolates any contaminating substance that may appear, thus preserving the materials, but there are other materials involved.

  1. Low density polyethylene
  2. Card
  3. Low density polyethylene
  4. Aluminum
  5. Low density polyethylene
  6. Inner low density polyethylene

The variety of layers depends on the product being transported, care and resistance, which are packed in the spaces sanitized in order to guarantee food preservation as much as possible.

He Polyethylene makes up 20% of the packagingwhich enables the sealing of the material and prevents contamination, cardboard has 75% which ensures rigidity and stability, while aluminum It is only by 5%, blocking light and other types of contaminants.

corrugated cardboard
The food industry is the one that has most implemented the use of cardboard in various presentations such as multi-layered. Photo: Freepik.

Sustainability multilayer packaging

For keep products, multi-layer packaging is undoubtedly the best option, but the same thing is not meant when we talk about sustainable that result, due to their variety of layers, their recycling is a expensive task, which is often preferred not to be done.

Some organisations, as Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI), financed project Receiptthe better Techniques recycling of multi-layer packaging, with the aim of optimizing the quality of the material.

On the other side of the world, in Latin America, there are several programs interested in recycling multi-layer packaging, a organisations They prefer to replace them with more sustainable materials.

One of the options is PET, which according to experts is the only one material which can be 100% recyclable when treated by said processes, but this option does not And everyone is interested in the benefits it offers multi-layered.

The future of multilayer packaging

WITH 80% coverage, Tetra Pack containers are preferred in packaging production, with innovations Techniquescolors and looks that always appeal to the consumer, but as mentioned, these are disposable materials that can cost a lot.

While the discussion about that materials should continue in the food and beverage packaging market, companies are concerned about the continuation standards sustainable, as consumers demand more of every day companies Be honest with your productions.

PET is the most recycled material in the food industry. Photo: Freepik.

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