AET: Emulsion technology that gives stability to the colors of drinks

  • Beverages such as juices, juice-based beverages and vitamin-enriched waters contain emulsions, solutions that provide the turbidity, functionality and taste of real juices.

These same emulsions also They give the drink a thicker feeling on the palate, offering an authentic experience of color and naturalness.

  • Natural oil-based paints require an emulsion that allows their solubility in water bases.

So, Sensitive food dyes has developed AETAnd advanced emulsion technology that provides superior stability of beveragesand avoids the negative effects of color fastness present in drinks.

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Advantages of the AET solution

1. Reduces the possibility of the ring effect

The ring effect causes glass bottles to have an orange circular ring that gives the negative appearance of a stale drink.

2. Reduces the possibility of spots

Conventional emulsions break and stain containers such as yogurt containers, and this is perceived as a negative effect.

3. Reduces the possibility of bleeding

Conventional emulsions migrate to other bases, such as cookie coatings, so this migration, known as bleeding, must be avoided.

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Although emulsions are complex, they add significant value to many popular beverage concepts and can raise flavor expectations.

Food and beverage applications

Sensient Food Colors AET technology provides a wide range of shades ranging from yellow to bright orange in various types of beverages:

Fruit juices don’t usually have such intense tones, so it’s important to have natural colors like AET that add visual appeal.

Perfect application for drinks with tropical flavors such as mango, pineapple, orange and passion fruit.

AET is stable in drinks with a low alcohol content (such as 5°), other emulsions are not able to withstand this alcohol content. It also helps to create turbidity and is also very stable when interacting with other ingredients or emulsions.

Discover all the advantages that AET provides. Contact the Sensient Food Colors technical team and try this natural technology to help reduce the challenges of formulating with natural colors.

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