Agro Andina opened the first Tetra Recart packing plant

It is the first Argentinian company to take over this innovative packaging system from Tetra Pak, through a joint contract. Agro Andina SAPEM together with Tetra Pak announces the grand opening of the first factory in Argentina equipped with the Tetra Recart food packaging line. This event took place on April 26 in Chilecito, province of La Rioja.

This fact means a great national commitment of the company by acquiring a cutting-edge technology that will, for the first time, offer consumers throughout the country products packed with a system of autoclaved cartons, designed specifically for wet foods with particles.

Tetra Recart packaging is a revolution in the packaging of canned food products such as olives, tomatoes, sauces, vegetables, peas, peaches, etc. and allows consumers to access them through a lightweight package that is easy to store and safe to open, which maintains the quality of the product.

Since 2009, the company has invested more than 100 million pesos, of which 40 million have been allocated to the Tetra Recart line and the aseptic tomato puree packaging line -TBA 8 500B- also provided by Tetra Pak. Currently, the plant’s production capacity is 500,000 kg. tomatoes per day, employs a total of 340 people.

This investment has positioned the province of La Rioja as a producer of fruit and vegetable products for the whole country thanks to the use of the highest technology. With this industrial policy decision, La Rioja went from production from 0 to 24 million kg in three years. products in 2012, adding 7 departments out of 18 as many provinces as there are and counting on 130 producers. It has also joined the Tomate 2000 program and has the strong support of the national and provincial ministries of production, INTA and the agricultural department of Agro Andina itself.

Initially, the food that will be packed with this innovative system will come from tomatoes in different forms: crushed, diced and sauces. It is expected that in the middle of this year, the packaging of olives will begin in the new Tetra Recart containers in different variants – pitted, pitted, stuffed, filleted. Likewise, Agro Andina is in a position to develop lines of ready meals, soups and various fruits packed with the same technology.

Given the capacity and versatility of the Tetra Recart packaging line, the company is positioned as an alternative for manufacturing on behalf of and on behalf of third parties, both for local and regional industries and retailers.

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