Agronomists and their significance for economic development

With more than 10 thousand years, agronomy It became one of the oldest occupations in the world when mankind began to domesticate plants. Since then, with the birth of agronomists, they apply their technical, economic and social knowledge in cultivating the land.

The work of agronomists is fundamental to the development of nations as they constantly seek to optimize food production. Their experiments focus on a range of factors related to crops, including yield, breeding, disease, pest control, as well as the influence of factors such as climate and soil.

He plant breeding and biotechnology They are applied in crop improvement, and many agronomists, specializing in agroecology, use ecological principles to protect the environment from the harmful effects of agriculture.

Risks for agronomists today

Right now, some agronomists They work in circumstances that may endanger their health. The use of phytosanitary or agrochemical products that protect plant health and minimize damage from pests are very toxic for those who handle them, so it is important that they have the necessary protection when working with these agents.

Gloves and overalls are required chemical protection type 4 against aqueous liquid aerosols, as well as type 5 for active ingredients in solid particles and type 6 against liquid dispersion. When working on the preparation of agrochemicals, you are exposed to active substances, solvents and thinners, so it is important that you also use an apron or cloak that additionally protects the most exposed parts of the body.

A culture of prevention for those working in the agricultural sector is essential to avoid accidents and diseases, as well as to provide safety and well-being, not only for agronomists, but for all of us who benefit from their work.

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