Alpura and Spider-Man together

They are launching an image of a spider in the brand’s flavored milk. Mexico.-The popular superhero Spiderman has reached the streets of Mexico not only through the cinema, he is also touring the cities of the country with the support of the distribution system of the milk producer Alpura Group, which this week launched the image of the spider in flavored milk in its presentation mainly aimed at Mexican children or consumers who are looking for the option of eating in a practical container.

The image of the “surprising spider man” actually represents a turning point for alpura, which for the first time receives an international license to promote a product primarily aimed at children’s milk consumption, but which also promotes the intake of a drink with essential nutrients for development and growth during the first stage of human existence.

Spiderman, not only will fly over the streets of New York, has arrived in supermarkets in the country and on the shelves in packages with the flavor of milk in its 250 ml presentation of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, products that, in addition to containing the quality that has characterized the group for almost 40 years, they add the largest amount of vitamins, so they become a comprehensive baby food.

When the new image was presented to the sales force and the corporate team, it was estimated that the group would increase its sales by at least 30% for the flavored category alone, which during the company’s last report reported annual sales of 44 million liters.

“At alpura, we have the best range of flavored milk for children and mothers, because it is always more fun for children to consume a product with the taste of origin and the image of their favorite character, while mom is calm because she knows that her child is consuming 100% pure cow’s milk with added vitamins,” said Marco Avilés, Marketing Director during the presentation.

A super hero that will arrive at all points of sale flavored milk, which is an important source of nutrients such as protein and calcium, since it is semi-skimmed and lactose-free, it facilitates the digestion of minors due to the low content of added sugar that offers a nutritious, healthy and now fun option.

Since it is 100% pure cow’s milk and has the highest hygiene standards for the market, Alpura milk is the only national milk that exceeds quality standards measured by global standards above the USA and the European Union.

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