Amstel Ultra Seltzer, the first beer-branded Hard Seltzer

Mexico.- Heineken, a transnational brewery introduced for the Mexican market, which, according to the company, is the first Seltzer claims with the approval of the beer brand. Amstel Ultra Seltzer It is made from mineral water, alcohol and a hint of flavor in an elegant 355 milliliter can.

New Amstel Ultra Seltzer It is a Seltzer that has 80 calories per can and zero carbohydrates, does not contain sugar, and its flavors are the result of a mixture of fruits and plants, in addition to having ingredients that will vibrate the taste buds of those who consume them of natural origin.

Heineken with this new line of seltzer will seek to position itself within this segment by complementing the brewery’s current offering with Pura Piraña, its first Hard Seltzer that was recently released.

The seltzer trend

Hard seltzers have become the newest display of cultivation health and wellness industrywhich has become a status symbol among millennials in countries like the United States of America, Canada, even countries like Mexico.

And, far from being a passing fad, they are growing at a spectacular rate and manufacturers are increasingly attracting consumers from other product categories. alcoholic beverages. In accordance with Research and markets also predicts that, in terms of volume, the market is expected to report a CAGR increase of 9.98%.

On the other hand, the pandemic COVID-19 he gave a boost to ready-made drinks. Because of the store closures, retailers were the winners because they were allowed to stay open, causing consumers to change their shopping opportunities. consumption in bars or restaurants for finished drinks.

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