An irresistible whirlwind of flavors

As part of the trend of constant innovation, CHEETOS® Torbellino has been re-launched in the market to live another consumer experience.Argentina.- The new CHEETOS® Torbellino are bigger, have more cheese flavor and a new format. They are available in presentations of 66 g and 116 g. They can be found in supermarkets, warehouses, supermarkets and wholesalers in Argentina.

In this regard, Diego Serantes, Marketing Director of PepsiCo Productos Cono Sur, commented “CHEETOS® is constantly innovating and surprising our consumers, so we wanted to launch something different and fun, with its characteristic cheese taste.”

The campaign is present on television, public and digital channels. With this launch, the brand invites you to enjoy this new and irresistible taste proposal and thus experience the #CheetosTorbellinoEffect.

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