Another world beer is coming to Australia

It comes with its three variants Strong Red Ale, Golden Ale and Nut Brown Ale.Argentina.- Otro Mundo Brewing Company, a premium Argentinian beer, is exporting to Australia for the first time with its three varieties Strong Red Ale, Golden Ale and Nut Brown Ale.

In this way, the Argentinian company continues to build its international positioning, reaching 10 leading markets with a super premium product produced entirely in the country and exceeding the highest quality standards.

Just over 6 years after its birth, Otro Mundo has exported to the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Italy, Paraguay, Canada, Mexico and Norway.

“We are proud to have reached the tenth international market. This achievement signifies the recognition of commitment to quality. Our premise was and is to offer the best beer experience. We are a small example that you can start a project in Argentina that is appreciated and chosen by both Argentine and international consumers. It shows that with passion, perseverance and teamwork it is possible to build our dreams,” said Pablo Fazio, CEO and founder of Otro Mundo Brewing Company.

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