Apple replaces plastic bags with recycled paper

Apple is trying to implement more green policies as part of its brand identity.

According to information from several sites such as AppleInsider, it is now considering including recycled paper bags in the purchase of its devices, similar to what it already offers with the purchase of the Apple Watch.

According to a report citing the site 9to5Mac, Apple has announced that it will stop using plastic bags in its physical stores. The new bags are made from 80 percent recycled paper, and the change will begin on April 15. A move that seems aimed at strengthening the brand’s green campaign.

The environmental strategy of the Cupertino company is not new, recently during the Keynote Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for the environment, introduced Liam, a robot that recycles iPhones. They also launched their “Renew” program, aimed at showing users that they can dispose of their devices safely.

The company co-founded by Steve Jobs, John Sculley and Steve Wozniak just celebrated 40 years of existence, is currently one of the leaders in the technology sector, in the latest financial report it reported 53 billion dollars in profit and sales of 233 thousand million last year.

It is precisely the technology sector that is one of those that advocates the most environmentally friendly policy. Other brands that have green programs include: Samsung, Panasonic, Nissan, Nokia, Sony, Toyota and Dell, to name a few.

Source: Merca 2.0

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