Arcor celebrates 15 years of environmental efficiency

Arcor Group has positioned itself as a company dedicated to caring for the environment, which is why it presented its publication 15 years of ecological efficiency. Arcor continuously works to discover those opportunities for improvement that match both business needs and downsizing impact on the environmentfor this reason, he made this policy public on International Earth Day, publishing a document that brings together 15 years of ecological efficiency.

15 years of environmental efficiency is a publication that brings together the main cases implemented in the different subsidiaries of Grupo Arcor since 1998. This compilation is a recognition of the work of many associates of the company who, with great dedication, have been the architects of environmental improvement.

Eco-efficiency is a business management philosophy aimed at improving the efficiency with which resources are transformed and used. resources in production processes, and preventing harmful effects on the environment, in order to market competitive products and services that meet the needs of society and improve the quality of life of the population.

In response to the company’s achievements, Arcor has prepared a digital brochure with more than 50 concrete cases in which the principles of environmental efficiency have been applied. Among the most significant measures are the reduction of water consumption, efficient use of energy and materials, adequate waste management and improvement of the efficiency of wastewater treatment.


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