Arcor Lance 5. Issue of young entrepreneurs

The company announced the 5th edition of its annual program and also presented its Employer Brand strategy under the concept “Arcor Group. The company is in front of you.” With the aim of including experts with development potential and preserving the excellence of its resources as a competitive difference, the Arcor Group announced the 5th Edition of the annual program Young Entrepreneurs 2016; which will include 20 JEs who will work in the areas of marketing, trade marketing, administration and production, maintenance and logistics. In addition, Arcor presented the Internship program for 2016, through which students will be able to experience their first work experience within a multinational company and apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

During 2015, Arcor worked on its Employer Brand strategy to develop an attractive and aspirational value proposition for new generations. This was concluded in the recently launched communication campaign, within the Young Entrepreneurs and Internship program. The campaign is based on video testimonials that talk about the experiences of associates who entered through these programs.

The program for young entrepreneurs has included 95 new associates in Argentina throughout its history and has expanded to different countries, such as Chile and Brazil. In this new edition, Grupo Arcor invites young people who are about to graduate, up to 27 years of age, to join engineering careers (mechanical engineering, electromechanics, electronics, chemistry, food and industry), public accountant, diploma in business administration, economics, Marketing , commercialization and bachelor of logistics. The recruitment process started in January and will last until April next year.

On the other hand, the Arcor Internship Program seeks to include students studying between the 3rd and 4th year of engineering (mechanical engineering, electromechanics, electronics, electricity, chemistry, food and industry), logistics, public accountant, graduate adm. of business, Marketing, commercialization and human resources. The recruitment process will start in February and will remain active throughout the year with different enrollment dates. The internship will last 12 months, with the possibility of renewal for 6 months.

In 2015, Arcor was 5th in the “Dream Company” ranking prepared by the Cía de Talentos consultancy, which annually identifies the companies most desired by young people starting a professional career. In addition, the company ranked third in the Merco Talento ranking, which evaluates which companies attract and retain talent.

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