Argentina is trying to market its national products to large Mexican supermarket chains

Buenos Aires (EFE) – Argentina’s export companies and three main supply chains Mexican supermarkets They started a business round this Thursday at the headquarters of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Buenos Aires, to promote the sale of Argentine products in that North American country, official sources reported.

Namely, during two days, around 150 meetings will be held between more than 50 Argentine companies from ten provinces and representatives of three Mexican supermarket chains Walmart, Soriana and Chedrauiwhich, according to the Argentine government, concentrate about 80% of the Mexican market.

”This is a great opportunity for Argentine companies to market their products ranging from food sectororganic and also from the cosmetic industry,” said Argentina’s foreign minister, Santiago Cafiero, in statements to Radio 10, highlighting the recent re-opening of the meat export market to Mexico after 20 years.

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Mexican supermarkets will have Argentinian products

It’s opening business rounds It was held this Thursday at the San Martín Palace, the ceremonial seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the presence, among others, of Cafiera; Argentine Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Tomada and Mexican Ambassador to Buenos Aires Lilia Rossbach.

In recent months, the South American country has presented several stimulus initiatives exports of its most competitive sectors, amid a shortage of international reserves, exacerbated by a severe drought earlier this year.

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