Artificial intelligence, a new tactic to support avocado cultivation

Farmers have been thinking about how to irrigate their crops for decades. avocadodo it in a more intuitive way, however, for the avocado to reach its maximum size, it must be watered in the right way at the right time, neither too much nor too little and Artificial Intelligencecan be a solution.

Traditional irrigation limits producers to being reactive rather than proactive, but today, thanks to technology, artificial intelligence can be used to define when and how a crop is watered, resulting in greater yield and quality.

It’s because of that Substitute uses agronomic algorithmssensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to help local farmers achieve two goals:

  • Increase crop yield
  • Reduce water consumption

Using artificial intelligence in the field

By analyzing the plant’s stress and using sensors strategically placed in it, they developed a data model using algorithms predictive based on avocado analysis.

Sensors Substitute which detect plant stress are placed in five places on the plant (deep soil, shallow soil, stem, leaf, fruit) and monitor:

  1. Growth patterns of plants and fruits.
  2. Real-time climate data.
  3. Actual soil water content.
  4. Expected weather conditions.
  5. Predicted plant growth patterns.
  6. Current state of the plant.

The application allows farmers monitor and track the needs of each plant in real time, control water consumption and even predict climate change.

Users have simple, fast and updated every 30 minutes access to graphics, irrigation plansclimatic data, plant growth patterns of each of its plots.

Avocado in the world

According to undersecretary of foreign trade, 30% of the world’s avocado production comes from this North American country. Exports of avocados, also known as Mexico’s “green gold”, rose 29.4% during the first quarter of 2020.

This Mexican fruit is consumed in 34 countries of the world, and Japan is one of them, behind the United States and ahead of Canada. Mexico is not only the world leader in exports but also in cultivation. The state of Michoacán concentrates 84.9% of the amount of avocados in Mexico.

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