Artistic torries announce the arrival of Easter

Spain.- The arrival of Easter and Holy Week is connected with one of the sweetest traditions of the year: French toast.

The chain of artisanal restaurants Rodilla has this product available in all its restaurants until the end of April. a typical sweetmade by hand according to the traditional recipe of its founder Antonio Rodilla.

Las craft torries companies are made daily in its workshop according to the founder’s recipe, and are now available to all consumers who want to enjoy this sweet tradition.

Sweet delivery experience

We are committed to being with clients on the most important dates of the year. Torias in particular are one of the products we are most excited to have available again, since we maintain original and artisanal recipe Antonio Rodilla”, he points out. Ángel Fernández, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Grupo Rodilla.

The company offers its torri in different combinations. The first option is to enjoy torrijas in any of their restaurants at a special price by ordering them with coffee or infusion or even with hot chocolate.

Also, you can enjoy them alone or share them with family and friends, an option for which they offer a package of four units. All options are available at home via delivery and through its website.

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There are several varieties of torrijas, and it can be plain bread from the previous day or dough prepared especially for it.

Torrijas: a tradition reference

Torrija is a sweet with a long tradition in Spain. It is a slice of bread (usually not day-old, but rather hard) that is soaked in milk or wine. And after it is coated with an egg, it is fried in oil in a pan.

It is sweetened with honey, molasses or sugar and flavored with cinnamon. It is similar to French toast.

  • Recently, vegetarian and vegan variants have been developed that replace cow’s milk with soy milk and eggs with flour from chickpeas, soybeans or other legumes.

Its consumption is associated with Holy Week, perhaps with the need to use leftover bread. That at the time when meat could not be eaten, less was consumed, even though families earned the same amount.

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