ARZYZ turns 34 years old

The opening of a new production facility in the center of the country is one of the projects on the company’s doorstep.

Monterrey company ARZYZ turns 34 years old and is emerging as one of the country’s major aluminum suppliers after adding a total investment of approximately $100 million in technology acquisition for production and marketing of metal alloys in MexicoUnited States, South America and Europe.

The company originated as a small paper and cardboard buying, selling and recycling company, initially managed by the current CEO and company founder Mario Sergio Ramírez Zablah, his parents Mr. Mario Sergio Ramírez Morquecho (RIP) and Ms. Angelita Zablah Zimery, your brothers and three workers who supported daily activities. By 1980, the focus of the business changed and they turned their attention to zinc and aluminum by-products, and then ARZYZ emerged.

Today, ARZYZ has 6 business units, each focused on fusion, marketing, transportation, recycling, by-product recovery and human resources. The rapid growth of the business resulted in the creation of 450 jobs and the satisfaction of customer demand for aluminum.

Over the years of working in the industry, they have been able to constantly innovate and take advantage of the market with the infrastructure and processes they use, improving the quality of their products and maintaining a commitment to the Mexican ecology and Economy.

Of the total investments, about 50 million dollars are directed to the infrastructure for the processing of recycled aluminum with which they will be able to contribute to the ecology of the country by recycling about 120 thousand tons of aluminum waste per year and take advantage of the worldwide recycling business that currently generates about 500 billion dollars per year.

In addition to increasing production by 100% from 5,500 tons of aluminum per month, ARZYZ plans to build a new production plant in the center of the country in the middle of this year, which would increase its production by almost 40%.

“We are very optimistic and have many projects ahead of us. It is said that 35 years is easy, but there are still many challenges, it is important to keep moving forward and achieve goals, always basing our work on commitment to the environment, technology and the growth of the country,” commented Mario Ramírez, Executive President. by ARZYZ .

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