ASCHOCO announces its presence at the Ice Cream Fair

In this twelfth edition, as every year, ASCHOCO will participate, which, in addition to promoting informed consumption, carries a message about the value of chocolate and cocoa beans. Eating ice cream is one of the most delicious pleasures for children and adults, which is why the International Ice Cream Fair is held every year. From February 25 to 27, national and international leaders of the ice cream and cold dessert industry meet at the Pepsi Center to address those who are active in the field or want to start a new project. freeze and delicious.

“Ice cream accompanied by delicious chocolate makes a perfect combination. For ASCHOCO, the presence at this event is of great importance because it gives us the opportunity to continue promoting reported consumption and reiterate that chocolate can be part of a balanced diet,” commented Lic José Ramón Fernández M. Gallo, President of CONFIMEX-ASCHOCO.

“The development of the chocolate industry is closely related to the growth of the ice cream industry, so the synergy we were able to achieve in both sectors was undoubtedly of great benefit. We will continue to work diligently as we have done during these 80 years of existence as an Association in order to achieve success together,” concluded Lic. Fernández M. Gallo.

During this event, conferences will be held by international professionals and exhibitors, with the presence of Luis Robledo, pastry chef and chocolatier, director, creator and chef of Tout Chocolat, who has more than 17 years of experience in the gastronomic world. , recognized in Mexico and abroad, who will hold a lecture entitled “Chocolate, the ideal complement” on February 25 at 12:30 p.m.

At the International Ice Cream Fair you can also find a trend that will start the season with the latest products in the ice cream and cold desserts industry.


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