ASEAL will present its most innovative products: Micellar Casein and Vana cappa 25W

At ASEAL, food and nutrition are key to health and well-being; That is why they are specialists in natural, innovative and functional ingredients and present their latest innovation: Micellar casein and Vana cappa 25W, products produced by the company FrieslandCampina represents, a leading company in milk proteins in the world focused on continuous improvement of its products.

Micellate Prestige is the ultimate micellar casein isolate. A new cold microfiltration system was used for its production, resulting in a ratio of casein to whey of 95:5. Due to its process, Micellate Prestige can be declared as 100% natural casein. The micelle structure is comparable to that of fresh milk, which gives it important advantages over other high protein products such as; clean flavor profile of dairy products at high protein concentrations, better stability for high protein products subjected to heat treatment such as UHT, excellent dissolution ease for high protein powder products.

Vana capa 25W is a top-quality frother, it uses patented technology to increase the foam from the inside, with which you can achieve high foam with the same amount of instant cappuccino, and with a pleasant “feeling in the mouth”. Vana-Cappa 25W does not contain hydrogenated vegetable oil and has a low sugar content. Food manufacturers have a product that can be used in a wide range of applications, including Italian specialties and hot chocolate. It is a product based on coconut oil, which achieves a high volume of foam for spooning and offers the possibility of declaring a clean label.

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