ASI certification strengthens the cardboard packaging sector

SIG is the first company in the industry cardboard packaging for beverages to obtain certification of ASI’s performance and chain of custody standards (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative as an acronym in English), and is the only manufacturer of aseptic cardboard packaging that offers packaging with the ASI mark.

ASI certificate seeks to strengthen traceability and accountability in the aluminum supply chain through audits with strict standards in ethical, environmental and social criteria. Therefore, SIG has a monitoring system that is regularly audited to maintain certification.

In this regard, Carsten Haerup Christensen, vice president of the SIG Europe Cluster, points out that ASI certification helps improve people and the environment throughout the aluminum value chain.

He said this certification offers SIG customers another credible stamp, “along with FSC certification for paperboard, to show consumers that they are committed to responsibly sourcing their packaging.”

Responsible choice of packaging

In 2009, the FSC mark was used for the first time, and since 2016, all SIG cartons can have the FSC mark. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and confirms that FSC-certified wood is used to produce the cardboard used in SIG packaging.

Today, 96% of cardboard packaging SIG’s carry the mark globally, proving the importance of certification to our clients and markets around the world. SIG packaging in North America will now also be able to feature the ASI label, which is already included in the launch of new products and designs for customers starting in September.

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