Automated packaging systems are presented in Andina Pack

The company presents AirPouch protective packaging systems and Autobag balers for bags.

Automated Packaging Systems launches its line of packaging materials and systems to the market packaging to fill the empty space and AirPouch protection in the frame Andina package, in Colombia. AirPouch Systems manufactures on-demand airbags, bladders and inflatable tubes for use in void-filling, protective packaging, blocking, anti-rolling and packaging applications.

Pre-formed material is shipped in boxes and inflated on demand at the packaging station for maximum production efficiency. These compact units are portable and require only electricity to operate. The AirPouch Express 3 system will produce air bags that fill cavities at a rate of 15 meters per minute. The AirPouch FastWrap system produces protective cell wrap at a speed of 20 meters per minute. Both product lines include EZ-Tear perforations for operator speed and convenience.

These protective inflatable packaging products offer many advantages over traditional packaging materials as they are cleaner, lighter, easier to use and increase the visibility of the product inside the box. Shipping, storage and handling costs are lower than conventional packaging materials because a small box of preformed material contains up to 1,524 meters of airbags or 533 meters of protective wrap. EarthAware’s recycled and biodegradable materials are available in green to demonstrate environmentally friendly options.

Balers for Autobag bags

In addition, the company introduces the Autobag AB 180 bagging system and the Pacesetter PS 125 OneStep bagging system for a wide variety of bagging applications.

The Autobag AB 180 system is a high-speed, semi-automatic bag packaging device with an optional in-line thermal transfer printer for applying high-resolution graphics, text and barcodes directly to the bag. This system operates at a speed of up to 80 bags per minute and is ideal for small and medium-sized products in bags up to 28 cm wide and 56 cm long.

The Pacesetter PS 125 OneStep is an all-electric table top bag baler that packs up to 25 bags per minute in small to medium hand filling operations. Applications include bags for packaging a wide variety of hardware, electronics, plumbing, craft, automotive, medical parts and components.

The Autobag AB 180, Pacesetter PS 125 and other pouch packaging systems, as well as AirPouch protective and void packaging products, are on display at Empacar’s booth number 108 at Andina-Pack.

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