Automation and labeling technologies for the packaging industry

  • Automation It is a common factor that can guarantee all these factors, while saving time and allowing greater precision.

In the packaging sector, having the right technologies can differentiate a company from others thanks to advances in techniques that allow it to be more competitive and efficient.

These technologies, driven by automation, connect several machines togetherwhich enables:

  • Save costs
  • Ensure product traceability
  • Anticipate failures and potential failures
  • Answer quickly

According to a consultant’s report McKinseythe packaging sector is one of the pioneers in digital transformation and automation.

Currently, this sector has more precise, faster, flexible equipment and easier to operate and maintain on the market.

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an unrecognizable man operating or controlling the buttons of a large format printing press.  advertising concept and graphic design.
These marking systems combine a print engine and a dispensing and application system in the same machine.

Equipment that drives automation in the packaging industry

The packaging and logistics sector plays a very important role in the industry. In this sense, efficiency and possibility of monitoring These are the main goals of every operator.

  • For this reason, there is equipment that facilitates automation in the packaging identification phase through printing and labeling.

This equipment for labeling boxes, bags, packages and pallets is capable of meeting the needs of speed. They also provide sufficient flexibility in terms of the physical placement of labels and how they are applied.

There is also a system of machines for industrial labeling enabling easy integration into any automation system. This is valuable as it ensures compliance with global coding and traceability standards.

In addition, it facilitates the process as much as possible so that the goods pass smoothly through the entire production line.

Sayings Marking systems combine a print engine and a dispensing system and application on the same machine.

The adaptability of its physical configuration to the production line and its ability to integrate with the client’s ERP make a difference in the context of an increasingly competitive market.

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