Avery Dennison wide selection of colors

The company is adding 13 new colors to its line of Supreme wrapping films.

Avery Dennison has announced that it is expanding its color palette which it offers in its popular “Supreme Wrapping Film” line, adding 13 new matte and metallic brushed colors. These films are used to change the color of a vehicle or create a partial wrap, giving a paint-like finish.

Top line of packaging film Avery Dennison, offers many color options and a great look and texture. They have an excellent ability to shape in curves, are thin layers and provide great durability.

What stands out is that if a person gets tired of the film or the company changes its image, the film can be easily removed and the color of the car will look almost the same as the day it was installed.

“The lines of 13 new matte and brushed metallic colors can be used for complete car wrapping as well as decoration, or combined with the existing range of 33 colors of Supreme Wrapping Film, creating two-tone color schemes,” said Beth Zanko. , Product Manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions.

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping films are made from one cast color layer and one clear layer, so no overlaminate is required. They feature Easy Apply RS™, a technology that allows the installer to easily move and slide the film into place and reduce air bubbles, reducing overall wrap application time.

Metallized foils are long-lasting, up to six years. The line’s more than 40 colors can also be used for point-of-sale signs and architectural installations. The foils are sold in rolls 1.52 meters wide, which allows installers to seamlessly wrap the bonnet and sides of the vehicle.

The new colors presented by the line are:

Matte metallic shiny blue

Matte metallic charcoal

Matt metallic Frost Blue

Matte metallic garnet

Matte metallic apple green

Matt metallic bronze

Matte metallic midnight blue

Matte metallic purple

Brushed aluminum

Brushed bronze

Brushed metallic black

Brushed steel

Brushed titanium

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