Avocado: how to guarantee a better harvest?

He avocado It is a key crop for our country, because its production covers 34% of the world’s harvest, and represents 70 thousand direct and 300 thousand indirect jobs. To give you an idea, three out of every 10 avocados sold abroad are sold in Mexican producersmaking Mexico the main producer and exporter of the so-called “green gold”.

The main consumer of Mexican avocado is our neighbor to the north, however, even with ratification T-MEC Only the state of Michoacán is certified to export this product to NOW. Local producers know that domestic and international consumers demand greater confidence in the goods they buy; Therefore, in addition to promoting the system of traceability and certification, they also care about harvesting healthier products.

And although the cultivation of this fruit tree normally has quite abundant flowering (up to more than a million flowers), the real challenge that farmers face farmers is to increase the amount of fruit attached to the tree, since nutrient deficiencies, especially when the trees are in a high demand phase, are very common.

Microelements such as Boron, Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium, among others, are those with the greatest deficiency in crops, despite the fact that these elements are decisive for the quality of flowering and harvest, as well as flowering and yield. That’s why we need to start determining the needs of crops, monitor possible deficiencies and adjust the nutrition schemes of our garden.

The above will allow us to meet the growing demand in quantity and quality that domestic and foreign markets will begin to demand, since, for example, the expected annual growth of avocado consumption in international markets is greater than 3%, added to the strict quality and hygienic control resulting from unforeseen cases due to COVID-19.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that there are foliar nutrition programs, such as the one offered Yara Vita de Yarawhich provide the most important nutrients for certain critical crop stages, guarantee better nutrition levels, correct deficiencies and improve performance.

The application of the correct dose of foliar nutrition solutions ensures a crop guarantee, which is essential for quality fruits of greater weight at the time of harvest. With a larger number of cut fruits of better size and weight, we gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market, and at the same time we can achieve better sales conditions for our product.

Fuente: Daniel Proa, technical agronomist in the Jalisco area for Yara México.

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