Barcel presents degradable packaging

The company Barcel, which belongs to the Bimbo group, will use degradable metallized polypropylene packaging in its products. It is the first company in its field in the world to incorporate degradable and environmentally friendly materials into its packaging.

Degradable metalized packaging will be introduced in Takis, and gradually also in Ricolino products, with which they will incorporate all their products by the end of 2010.

According to Gabin Gómez, General Manager of the Barcel Organization, although significant investment has been made in the development of this technology in coordination with the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), the most important thing for his company is to be profitable in an ecological sense. long term.

The technology basically consists of adding a pro-degrading additive to the production process of metallized packaging, this additive accelerates its degradation after the end of the product’s useful life.

The process is as follows: First, an additive (pro-degradant) is added to the resin during packaging production, which helps to break the molecular chains of the plastic. Therefore, plastic begins to degrade as soon as its predetermined useful life ends. This decomposition takes place through the process of oxidation; in the end, microorganisms present in the environment end up in the process of biodegradation.

The installation of degradable metalized packaging will allow the company to achieve improvements in reducing emissions into the atmosphere, saving energy, saving water, comprehensive management of solid waste and maintaining the company’s social responsibility in environmental issues.

For his part, Daniel Servitje, general manager of Grupo Bimbo, assures that in 2010 all Barcel snacks will have degradable packaging, and although they are between five and ten percent more expensive, the cost will be borne by the company.

“We hope that they have an impact on sales, that consumers can recognize that we are the only company in the world with this packaging, we are very small in the sale of snacks worldwide, but we hope that this innovation will be reflected in other parts of the world. .”

Source: Agencies, Barcel and Grupo Bimbo

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