Barilla mistakes gluten

The first gluten-free pasta has arrived on Mexican tables, a new option that retains all the taste, texture and consistency of Barilla.Mexico.- Barilla, the world leader in pasta production and known for its superior quality and Italian expertise, has launched a new gluten-free Barilla line, made from a delicious combination of rice and corn.

Gluten-free Barilla is another inspiring option for those who seek innovation, get out of the routine and like to experiment in the kitchen, achieving excellent results with delicious pasta that also retains all the taste, texture and consistency of Barilla pasta.

This new Barilla product offers great taste so everyone in the family can enjoy it together. pasta to love and experience wonderful taste sensations in every bite.

With this launch, Barilla Gluten Free joins the Barilla family, so that together we continue to be the best option for putting creativity into practice in the preparation of dishes that will reflect good taste. culinaryshowing his own style in the kitchen.

Gluten-free Barilla will be available in supermarkets in 4 presentations of cold cuts of 340 grams: Spaghetti, Codo, Rotini and Penne.

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