Basic safety assurance programs in the food industry

In the current environment of globalization in which the food market is developing, achieving safety is essential.

Worldwide, there are several norms or standards that guide organizations in treatment security managementsuch as:

  • Prerequisite Program (PPR)
  • Operational prerequisite program (PPRO)

For the whole food industry supply chainit is vitally important to be able to guarantee that all food handled can maintain quality and freshness until it reaches the end customer.

However, Jorge Hernandezlead safety auditor at GlobalSTDindicated that it will be necessary to ask what is the main difference between a prerequisite program and an operational prerequisite program in order to have a good understanding of both topics.

The differences are very pronounced between one and the other, and the main one is that the operational prerequisite program results from a hazard analysis, and the prerequisite program refers to the first layer of protection for creating a favorable environment in food production.”, commented Hernandez.

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Prerequisite programs (PPR), operational PPR (PPRO) and security

He prerequisite program (PPR) determines the basic conditions and activities that are necessary to maintain a hygienic environment suitable for the production, handling and supply of products and ready-made foodstuffs that are safe for human consumption in the entire food chain.

PPRs directly depend on the sector of the production chain in which the organization operates and together with the type of organization such as:

  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Good Veterinary Practice (GVP)
  • Good manufacturing/manufacturing practice (GMP, GMP)
  • Good hygiene practices (GHP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GPP)
  • Good Distribution Practice (BPD)
  • Good Marketing Practices (GCP)

In that sense, ISO 22000 standard determines the need to implement PPR. To achieve this, it mentions what topics the organization should consider when establishing the program, for example, building construction and layout, cleaning and sanitation, or staff hygiene.

On the other hand, the operational prerequisites derive as such from the hazard analysis and are part of the process line and prerequisite program, which allows the environment to be maintained without contamination to ensure that the product produced within the process lines will be harmless.

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