Baskets of sweets and drinks show dynamics

According to Nielsen Baskets, 2015 was a year marked by a recovery in consumption and in which sweets and soft drinks showed the greatest growth. Nielsen Baskets continues to show continued progress, representing volume growth of 2.8%, while in value at a rate of 5.4%, in response to the slowdown in price growth.

2015 was a year marked by recovery in consumptionwhere the sweets basket showed the greatest dynamics with a variation of +4.5% and 7.4% in volume and value respectively, with the snacks industry leading the growth, followed by cookies.

Meanwhile, food shows the biggest lag, growing below the overall basket in volume and value, driven by the effect of oil and instant coffee.

Home, hygiene and beauty show steady growth under the basket, although it is worth noting that it is strengthening its value performance as a result of price recovery.

Compared to the same period of the previous year, basket prices begin to mark an upward curve, reaching levels above inflation (+3.6%), with the Proximity channel adjusting its prices to a greater extent, then following Modern channel and Traditional.

“The pressure of dollar appreciation is beginning to be felt in baskets of products that are highly dependent on imports or agricultural products. The key is to understand the impact this will have on the market, and thus make decisive decisions in price management, without compromising profitability,” said Yanira Reyes, account director at Nielsen.

Considering the influence of peso devaluation, a general increase in basket prices is observed. In terms of prices, the food category is one of the fastest growing with 2.4%, followed by the hygiene basket with 1.2% and finally the miscellaneous basket with 7.3%.

The basket of soft drinks also stands out for its growth, at rates of 3.6% in volume and 6.9% in value, supported by the promotion of natural water through personal formats.

Source: Canastos Nielsen (January 2016).

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