BBVA will mobilize almost 325,000 million dollars in green issues by 2025.

Mexico City (EFE).- This Wednesday, the BBVA group set itself the goal of mobilizing 300,000 million euros (324,726 million dollars at today’s exchange rate) in 2025 green themes and social, and defined sustainability as one of its strategic pillars.

“Our goal for 2025 is to mobilize 300 billion euros in green and social issues,” said the company’s vice president and general manager Eduardo Osuna at the opening of the first Summit on Environment, Society and Governance (ESG, for its acronym in Spanish).English), which is held in cooperation with the UN Environment Program.

By 2023, he announced, they hope to increase by 20% the mobilization allocated last year for these issues.

Osuna emphasized the important role that banking must play in the green transition and in preserving the environment.

“Reducing emissions in the business sector must be considered a priority in the fight against climate change,” he said.

In addition, he pointed out Mexico’s particular vulnerability to the climate crisis, due to its geographical location and the socioeconomic inequality that exists in that society.

Mexico, Osuna pointed out, is the thirteenth country in the world that emits the most carbon gases and the country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) with the lowest level of productivity, despite being the place where the most annual hours are spent. they work.

“It is crucial to increase productivity for the sustainable development of the country,” explained the CEO of BBVA Mexico.

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Green issues: a priority for sustainable development

On its part, general director of the Mexican Council for Sustainable Finance, Alba Aguilar, he emphasized the already achieved progress towards the financial market.

“He greening of the financial system “This is a reality thanks to the participation of many actors: banks, institutional investors, stock exchanges, etc.,” he pointed out.

Among the goals of the Council is to direct capital “towards green and sustainable projects”.

BBVA México highlighted the Mexican Grupo Bimbo as a model of success in the implementation of these practices.

“It is urgent to move from mitigating (the climate crisis) to regeneration,” warned the general manager of the food company Daniel Servitje.

Among Bimbo’s sustainability strategies, Servitje highlighted the 2050 commitments not to reduce its own zero carbon emissions and that all key ingredients used in the production of its products are grown using regenerative practices.

Photo: EFE/ Isaac Esquivel

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