Bimbo is awarding the Pan American Prize for Nutrition, Science and Food Technology for the third time

It promotes the linking of industrial and academic sectors to achieve significant progress in innovation.

Grupo Bimbo reaffirms its commitment to society in matters of health and nutrition by awarding the third Pan American Prize for Nutrition, Science and Food Technology.

The event was held in the presence of Dr. Luís Ignacio Sánchez Gómez, Federal Director of Educational Services of the Ministry of Public Education; dr. Juan Rivera Dommarco, of the National Institute of Public Health; Dr. Sergio Revah Moissev, from the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, among other scientists and teachers. Roberto Servitje Sendra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Bimbo and Daniel Servitje Montull, General Manager of Grupo Bimbo, were present on behalf of Grupo Bimbo.

The Pan-American Bimbo Award is part of the “Committed to Your Health” program created in 2003 to respond to the company’s concern to improve the health and nutrition of its consumers in all the countries in which it operates.

The program is based on 5 platforms that are aligned with the Strategy on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health of the World Health Organization (WHO), namely:

1. Products: Reformulation and innovation.
2. Information for consumers.
3. Advertising and responsible marketing.
4. Promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles.
5. Strategic alliances

In this regard, Daniel Servitje commented “The Bimbo Pan American Award is part of Grupo Bimbo’s commitment to health and nutrition, and its aim is to promote research on these topics, to contribute to the improvement of food quality in order to respond to the needs and lifestyles of our consumers.”

For her part, Dr. Patricia Villalobos stated that “The Pan American Prize encourages the connection of the industrial and academic sectors to achieve significant progress in innovation to create new technological platforms and competitive products in the market.

He concluded that the recognition of research participants reflects Grupo Bimbo’s interest in promoting scientific research in these areas of knowledge, both in Mexico and in the rest of the continent.

The call covered four different areas: the United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. The awards are given in two different categories: nutrition, food science and technology, in two different branches; youthful and professional.

This year’s winners were:

Le Zhu, Ph.D. – University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
Hannia Campos, Ph.D. – Harvard School of Public Health
Devin Peterson, Ph.D. – Pennsylvania State University

M. en C. Edgar Denova Gutiérrez – National Institute of Public Health
dr. Nimbe Torres y Torres – National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition “Salvador Zubirán”
M. en C. Roberto Gutiérrez Dorado – Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Central America:
Lic. Mario Antonio García Pérez – University of Havana

South America:
Dr. Cecilia Albala – University of Chile
prof. Elizabeth del Carmen Troncoso – Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Dr. Franco Pedreschi – University of Santiago de Chile

For more information about this award and the winning research, you can visit the site:

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