Bimbo turned labeling upside down

Bread and pastries in boxes Baby groupthe main products of the brand, will not have any seal established in the new standard front labeling which is already in force in the Mexican Republic.

The company reported in a press release that, according to the new provisions, the mentioned products in the traditional and integral versions will not have any of preventive seals established in the new designation.

Products in your line Very healthy It will also be unstamped. The bakery will also have variants without a stamp in the categories of toasts, breading products and flour tortillas.

“The company has a strong global health and wellness strategy consisting of three pillars: nutritional guidelines, a healthy portfolio and health and wellness actions,” Grupo Bimbo said.

The company added that all its products contain information on nutritional values ​​and additional information to inform about their content.

What is the front label about?

The norm new marked Its purpose is to inform in a clear and simple way about the content of food and to warn, where appropriate, when excessive consumption of the product is harmful to health.

The front labeling consists of five seals: excess calories, sodium, sugars, saturated fat and trans fat. Food companies must put one or more of these seals if their products exceed those established by him Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Experts point out that this new regulation does not provide the consumer with the necessary information to understand the relationship between saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterolFor example.

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