Boeing will reduce the use of straws in its drinks

The brand is working on developing the use of screw caps for its one liter containers.

The Pascual Workers’ Cooperative has announced that it is trying to reduce its use straws in their beverages such as Boing and Lulú soft drinks. They are evaluating the use of caps on some of their products.

Salvador Torres, president of the Pascual Workers’ Cooperative, explained that they are more advanced in developing the use of screw caps for their one-liter containers, while in the case of small containers, they are still in the analysis phase.

“As much as we can, we will replace it with a cover. There are presentations that might not be possible, but a minimum amount would be required. Let’s see if we can count on the lid next year, at least for the pint presentation; Stopping the use of straws is an issue we are interested in working on,” added the CEO.

At the press conference, the manager pointed out that this year’s investment plan includes an approximate amount of 100 million pesos. This amount will be directed to the expansion of its facilities such as the one in Hidalgo, where they are currently conducting a territorial analysis.

Source: Millennium.

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