Bolivian wine enters the European market with the first shipment of 7 thousand bottles

La Paz (EFE) – Shipment of about 7 thousand bottles wine from various Bolivian wineries arrived in Belgium, which represents the “first export” of this product to the European market, the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported this Friday.

The shipment of drinks was accredited by laboratories that “confirm their export quality“, and will be presented in June as part of the “first meeting with professional wine tasters and wine cellar owners” in Brussels, the MFA stated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the local wines “were purchased by a Belgian company and a wine shop that has Bolivian winemaker“.

This initial export opens up the participation of Bolivian products in competitions such as the “Superior Taste Award”, specialized in “sensory evaluation and certification of gourmet products”.

This year, Bolivian wine took first place at the International Wine Tasting Competition he organized World Trade Organization (WTO).

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Bolivian wine production

Also, last month this drink won 11 gold medals and four silver medals at the “Bacchus International Wine Competition” held in Madrid, where it was recognized for its “quality and identity”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia assessed that the European Union market is “the most demanding” in terms of wine quality and that it is a “great opportunity” for local wineries and producers.

The wine production In Bolivia, it is found mainly in the departments of Tarija, Santa Cruz and La Paz, regions where circuits are organized so that visitors can appreciate the production process of vine products.

At the end of 2020, Bolivia signed its accession International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) with a vision of strengthening its industry and exploring new export markets.

By presidential decree from 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of Bolivia’s accession to the OIV and other international organizations for the benefit of the sector.

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